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We work with the UK's major finance houses to offer tailor-made solutions: You can own the equipment you need, under terms you can afford.

Why buy with finance?

Make your assets work for you. By financing your investments, you can move your business forward and generate revenue. Stay ahead of the game by owning your equipment sooner and letting it pay for itself.

Maintain cash flow. Finance allows you to maintain cash-flow by leaving your capital free to take the strain of day-to-day needs.

Alleviate risk. Finance is a good way to spread your borrowing risk. Most of the Times Top 100 companies use asset finance as part of their borrowing portfolio. Rather than keeping all your borrowing with one lender, funding elsewhere alleviates risk and allows flexibility to optimise interest rates.

No need for overdraft. Overdrafts can be expensive and usually at a variable rate of interest. With finance, borrowing can be for a fixed period at a fixed rate, which allows you to forecast repayments and eliminate uncertainty.

Buying versus hiring. If you regularly hire equipment, it can make more sense to buy with finance. If your outlay is more than £1,000 a month for hire, financing may be the cost effective alternative. And you’ll never have to worry about availability.

Use a specialist. A specialist lender understands the equipment, the customer and the business. They understand the value of your assets, they know what makes business sense for you, and they provide terms that make sense for your bottom-line.

Be tax efficient. Finance can be a tax-efficient method of acquiring assets, but ask your accountant what’s best for your business.

We work with financiers who have the same approach as us: to give customers the best deal for the long term.

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