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A Comprehensive choice of Broadcast and Professional Camcorders from the major manufacturers such as Sony, JVC, Canon & Panasonic to suit your production requirements.  Offering choice to suit your budget and workflow needs in the ever demanding media sector.  The range includes SD (Standard Definition) camcorders such as DV, DVCAM, XDCAM SD and finally the highly popular Digital Betacam format through to an expanding HD (High definition) range.  of HDCAM, HDCAM SR.  Not forgetting the very popular choice of entry level HDV products with offerings from JVC and Sony. More recently a range of products offering workflow options such as  XDCAM EX - which records onto “SxS PRO™” memory cards which comply with ExpressCard™ XDCAM HD - Featuring camcorders with 1/2-inch interchangeable lenses. Choice of 18Mbps, 25Mbps and 35Mbps recording rates. XDCAM HD 422 - Top of the XDCAM range and is ideal for applications such as ENG, documentary, European TV drama and mainstream entertainment programmes that require a high quality look. Stunning HD picture quality is delivered using 2/3-inch 1920x1080 resolution CCDs, 14 bit A/D conversion and 4:2:2 recording at 50Mbps



HD/SD switchable, solid state camcorders recording onto Compact Flash or Memory Stick. Ideal entry-level for high-speed, nonlinear workflow

Solid State Camcorders

Camcorders that use Flash Memory cards to save MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video clips to a high-capacity card much like those that are used in your digital stills camera, only they can hold much more information and can write/read data much more quickly.

HDV Camcorders

The affordable entry point to the world of High Definition. 1080 HD recording onto a standard DV format cassette and compatibility with DVCAM for Sony products and 720P for JVC products. 

HDCAM Camcorders


HDCAM is the world's most established HD format with superb picture quality and an unmatched track record for production of the most prestigious TV programmes.

XDCAM Camcorders

XDCAM - 21st century workflow

XDCAM is the family name for Sony tapeless camcorders and decks. Combining the best of video and IT, compatbile with over 30 non linear editors.

DVCAM Camcorders


DVCAM offers a compact, cost-effective acquisition solution from compact palm-type to broadcast quality shoulder type camcorders

Camcorder Accessories

Full range of accessories for the camcorder line up

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