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Sony HKCU-2007 4x 3G-SDI / HD-SDI Output Board

4x 3G-SDI / HD-SDI output expansion board for HDCU-2000, HDCU-2500 and HDCU-1700

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Product Code: HKCU-200
Sony HKCU-2007 4x 3G-SDI / HD-SDI Output Board
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Overview Features

Distribution of a 3G signal via existing coax infrastructure

The easy-to-install HKCU-2007 output board provides 4x 3G-SDI / HD-SDI outputs (BNC) for the HDCU-2000 and HDCU-25000 Camera Control Units(CCUs) working with HDC-2000 and HDC-1500 Series cameras. The output board allows you to extend the network of cameras controlled by a single CCU, sending 3G bandwidth over a single coax line. HKCU-2007 is also compatible with the HDCU-1700 CCU working with the HDC-1700 camera.

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