Camera Lighting Fundamentals Sony Craft Courses: Training courses for Sony cameras

As a Sony Professional Solutions Specialist, WTS is able to offer you specialist training provided by industry experts in partnership with Sony.

Develop your skills on this one-day craft course that surveys the basics of using lighting to enhance your video productions. This practical session at Pinewood Studios is packed with useful tips and technical information to help you light a wide range of scenes effectively and flatter any subject.

What will you learn?

This practical course introduces the best methods and techniques to help videographers with successfully lighting a range of scenes, from formal interviews to stand-up vox pops.

Topics include:

  • Getting organised: designing and building your kit for particular jobs
  • Which lights to use and why
  • Lighting basics: 3-point (fill, key, back)
  • Lighting interviews: different conditions and time to set up
  • Framing, lighting and camera positions
  • Vox pops, flash interviews, run-and-gun techniques
  • Focus techniques with a viewfinder and external monitor
  • Microphone techniques: vox pops and pieces to camera
  • Pop-up green screen lighting, subject and background preparation
  • Workflow: from media cards and codecs to NLE ingest 

Who’s it for?

This course is ideal for film students, hobbyists, video enthusiasts and anyone who’s thinking about starting a career in professional videography. You should already be familiar with basic video recording equipment.

What’s included?

All necessary video cameras, lighting and sound equipment are provided – you don’t need to bring equipment with you. In line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, electronic copies of course documentation are provided for use on the day and to keep afterwards.

How much does it cost?

The Camera Lighting Fundamentals Craft Course costs £250 plus VAT (£300 including VAT).

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