Fundamentals of Lighting for High Resolution Shooting Sony Craft Courses: Training courses for Sony cameras

As a Sony Professional Solutions Specialist, WTS is able to offer you specialist training provided by industry experts in partnership with Sony.

The increased resolution of today’s video cameras makes the role of lighting in video production more critical than ever. This one-day course introduces the theory and practice of lighting, and its contribution to creating truly professional-looking shots.

Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll gain valuable practical skills to create a range of different looks.

What will you learn?

This one-day course explores lighting and its contribution to the picture making process. Lighting successfully for video requires a real understanding of the fundamentals of photography. And as contemporary cameras reveal more detail, lighting has to be more subtle and carefully considered.

You’ll learn about the underlying principles to help you plan and use lighting to achieve a professional look when shooting video. You’ll also get hands-on with the latest equipment – including Sony’s latest 4K-capable professional cameras plus LED, fluorescent, tungsten and HMI lighting.

Topics include:

  • A quick look at lights and camera. Introduction to the course format of capturing each exercise as a still photo for reference
  • Working with lenses: depth of field and aperture
  • Sensitivity: ISO and noise in low light levels
  • The qualities of light: inverse square law, and influencing relative brightness of foreground and background
  • Challenges of multi-camera shooting
  • Highlights: direction and shadows, hard/soft source/wrap/spill
  • Width of light source, relative to a person influences wrap
  • Light sources, colour temperature, daylight and artificial light spectrum, white balance
  • Different light sources: daylight, tungsten, discharge, fluorescent, LED
  • Coping with contrast
  • Basic gamma, contrast capabilities of camera, highlight compression knee
  • Switch camera knee in and out. Try ND and scrim on window

Who’s it for?

This course is ideal for aspiring videographers, students and film-makers. It’s particularly suited to anyone who’s looking to develop a better understanding of lighting and its relevance in modern high-resolution shooting environments (HD and 4K).

What’s included?

All necessary video cameras, lighting and sound equipment are provided – you don’t need to bring equipment with you.

How much does it cost?

The Fundamentals of Lighting for High Resolution Shooting Craft Course costs £250 plus VAT (£300 including VAT).

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