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WTS builds play-out centre and studios for Phoenix CNE TV

14 December 2012

VR Studio for PCNE TV

WTS’s broadcast systems integration team has completed work on a new London-based play-out centre and studios for broadcaster Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment (PCNE).

The Mandarin and Cantonese language channels has now commenced transmission from the new facilities to audiences in the UK and Europe.

Integration for the turnkey project was entirely managed and delivered by WTS.

The project included a four-camera news and magazine studio with virtual 3D set, a chroma studio with robotic camera and a play-out system with capacity for six channels and a plus-one redundancy path.

Facilities for management and set-up of satellite incoming distribution feeds for re-broadcast were also included in the studio integration.

WTS supplied custom-made furniture for both on-set news desks and off-set operation desks in technical areas.

Delivering value by offering every service and function

“This project is a great example of what is different about the service we provide at WTS,” said Jonathan Lyth, Systems Manager at WTS. “We deliver value to our customers by being able to offer every single service and function of the build.

“Having a fabrication team in-house means that we can offer custom-made furniture designed to fit both the space and the system, while our tried and tested methods of prefabrication mean that we can pass on cost savings by reducing build times and labour requirements.

“The chance to provide Phoenix with all of our services has been a great opportunity to showcase our resources.”

“WTS has built a technically advanced facility that will become our European flagship.”

– Dr Wenguang Shao, Phoenix CNE

State-of-the-art studios and play-out centre

Dr Wenguang Shao, Managing Director of Phoenix CNE, explained: “The London operation is a vital part of our vision for growth at Phoenix CNE TV.

“Our audience in the UK and Europe want entertainment, news and advertising that is culturally relevant to them – we wanted the studios and play-out centre in Richmond to be state-of-the-art in order to grow both our offering and our brand in the region.

“WTS’s systems integration team has deployed facilities that perfectly match our requirements,” continued Dr Shao. “They were able to provide solutions for every stage of the project, from furnishings to satellite feeds and training of operational staff.

“They’ve built a technically advanced facility that will become our European flagship.”