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10-camera HD OB vehicle

Client: RaceTech Vehicle Solutions: Outside Broadcast Vehicles

RaceTech's 10-camera HD OB truck, built by WTS, on a job

RaceTech, a provider of broadcast and technical services to the UK horse racing industry, required an additional 10-camera HD OB vehicle.

The truck needed to have a small footprint, be hard-wearing and offer almost identical functionality to RaceTech’s existing fleet, whilst using different manufacturers’ equipment.

As the truck would be used not only for broadcasting but also for providing services such as finish-line coverage and live large-screen footage at the racecourse, the design had to incorporate multiple production areas.

WTS provided a full in-house coach-build and integration service, comprising system design and installation, electrical installation, coach-build on a client-supplied 10-tonne DAF chassis, air-conditioning installation, equipment supply, testing and technical training. WTS’ full in-house offering was pivotal to meeting the project’s tight deadline, as mechanical and systems integration work could be planned and executed simultaneously.

WTS’ track record of optimising budgets to deliver durable OBs with high-end functionality, combined with the ability to offer innovative, flexible solutions from an unrivalled range of broadcast manufacturers, was key to securing the build ahead of incumbent suppliers.

WTS innovation provides the ideal broadcast solution

The specifications of this OB truck demanded an innovative approach from WTS. For ease of operation across the fleet, RaceTech required the router control system to be visually identical to the systems found in its existing trucks, but utilising different products.

The systems integration team worked closely with broadcast solutions manufacturer TSL Products to develop a new router control system based on the TallyMan range. This used all-new panels and a recently refreshed controller system, linked to a custom changeover unit.

TSL’s Dan Bailey explained: “WTS’ implementation of the TallyMan control system utilised the latest functionality to maximum effect to provide RaceTech with a truly intuitive control platform.

“In this vehicle, TallyMan manages all signal flow and logic, from signal grouping and emergency changeover to automated logic patching, freeing operators to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the underpinning systems.”

“Throughout the design and implementation WTS’s customer-focused approach was clear, with the emphasis on simplifying operations and maintenance while ensuring maximum flexibility.”

– Dan Bailey, TSL Products

The limited space afforded by the truck’s small footprint also meant it was necessary to use multiple GPI/O-based router control panels to control external devices.