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Five-camera HD OB vehicles – coach-build and system integration

Client: Kuwait TV Vehicle Solutions: Outside Broadcast Vehicles

Kuwait TV five-camera OB trucks, system integration by WTS

State broadcaster Kuwait Television (KTV) commissioned WTS to design and build four multi-purpose HD production vehicles for use across several regions.

The vehicles were part of an upgrade to HD, and needed to be capable of providing faster turnarounds than KTV’s current 14-22 camera units.

System Integration

The system integration needed to offer the flexibility to cater for HD productions across multiple regions, and retain compatibility with the existing OB fleet. This demanded a large amount of equipment be incorporated into a small vehicle footprint.

Each vehicle is equipped with an auto-deploy satellite antenna customised to receive specific Middle East-targeted satellites.

The vehicles replace an existing SD unit.


WTS’ innovative build method of prefabricating furniture and wiring using 3D works models was key to meeting the project’s stringent lead time.

This approach meant that our systems integration team could complete all of the electrical systems, broadcast wiring, interior panels and equipment configuration prior to the empty vehicles being delivered to our factory.

The vans 4×4 drive to cope with a range of driving conditions. Each vehicle has customised roof-mounted air-conditioning units to enable higher ambient temperature operation of up to 52°C, as well as custom three-phase power distribution with 30-minute 6kVA UPS.

All four units were ready for UK acceptance just 35 days after the first empty vehicle was received.


Case Study: Kuwait TV five-camera HD OB vehicles